Tiny Oona spout

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Tiny-Oona bronze fountain spout

This is a very small version of the Oona spout. The parts is very small. It works well repeated in a linear pattern or alone in a very small fountain - a small surprise in the corner of a courtyard or garden.

The Basics

1 ¾ in diameter back plate
2 ½ in projection
silicon bronze
¼ in pipe size
Arc length
3–6 in
see the flow profile

Available finishes

Available in the standard bronze finishes with either a wax or epoxy coating. More about the finishes and coatings is on the bronze finishes page

Tiny-Oona fountain spout with traditional patina
Traditional patina with wax finish
Tiny-Oona fountain spout with heavy verdigris patina
Heavy verdigris patina with wax finish
Tiny-Oona fountain spout with Tuscan brown patina
Tuscan patina with wax finish
Tiny-Oona fountain spout with black patina
Black patina with wax finish

Go small - really small

There is no getting around that this is a small spout. It's the antithesis of "go big or go home". Though most of the spouts we sell are used in large constructions like swimming pools or large landscape fountains, the fact of the matter is that fountains don't have to be large to be effective.

Consider using this as part of a hidden delight in a corner of a garden. An expensive construction formal in nature would spoil the delight. This spout gives you the opportunity to create something small.

small Oona bronze fountain spout on a stone background
A small fountain using the tiny Oona spout
2 ½ 1 ¾
basic dimensions of the Tiny Oona spout
2 ⅝ Lip balm dispenserChap Stick, Blistexor equal
Sometimes it's hard to get a sense of how big an item is just from dimensions. This should help

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