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Stainless-Oona bronze fountain spout

This is an interpretation of the Oona spout in stainless steel. The pleasant lines and elegant shape are enhanced by the polished surfaces associated with stainless steel. This is a glistening jewel well suited for use in any number of installations: a wall fountain, a swimming pool, as a drain outlet.

Quick facts

5 ⅛ in diameter back plate
7 ¼ in projection
316 stainless steel
1 ½ in pipe size
Arc length
9–16 in
see the flow profile

Shiny and elegant

We are drawn to shiny things. You might catch a glint of something while standing in line or walking down the street. It might be diamond earring, the sparkle of a watch crystal just catching the sun, or the sun's reflection in glass of water. Too much and it's blinding, but in small doses the effect is attractive. Simply put, monkey likes shiny.

The Stainless-Oona: a bronze fountain spout with a round cross section and elegant flare
Standard polished finish

Well mannered flows

There are times when manners matter. One wouldn't go to a Yuja Wang concert and belt out a giant 'YEAAAAAAHHHHH' after she dispensed a gnarly passage at the piano with unfathomable dexterity. Such behavior is acceptable at a Metallica show. In fact, you don't have to wait for a special moment to show your enthusiasm, anytime is fine. There are times when you'd want a fountain spout to be well mannered.

If you think that classical musicians only know elegance and restraint, then you should know that Yuya is well known for her glamorous outfits. Here's a woman that knows about how shiny things work.

The downside of being so well mannered is that it can become boring. The sound from a constant stream of water spilling into a pool can be monotonous. Sometimes it's not what's needed. In a smaller courtyard with little sound damping, for example, a single stream of water pouring into a pond of water can sound like … ahem … a cow pissing on a flat rock - quite a bit too much

Use the spout in open spaces where you'd like some noise. If the quality of the sound is important then use three or more of these spouts. That will create some fluctiations and make the splashes more interesting and less mechanical.

A moderate water flow through the Stainless-Oona spout
Flowing at a moderate flow rate
5 ⅛ 7 ¼
basic dimensions of the Stainless-Oona spout
4 ¾ SODA CAN (12 oz ) 7 ¼
This should give you a sense of the size of the spout. It's actually very close in size to the larger (16 oz) cans that are becoming popular. Judging the size of something from some written dimensaions is hard, even professionals designers have a hard time getting this right. Hope this helps


  • Part is made of silicon bronze
  • It is designed to be used with 1½ in plumbing. The casting is threaded with 1½ in female NPT. A 1½ in male adapter is provided to screw into back of spout. If you have a piece of PVC pipe sticking out from the wall you could just glue the part in place.
  • A bonding lug for #8 AWG wire is provided at the back. A set screw at bottom of back plate secures the wire.
  • Decorative use only. More secure mounting options available but they are expensive and complicated to install—call to discuss.
  • The water arc is fairly stable and not overly susceptible to change if the spout is plumbed with a smaller pipe. Replace the provided male adapter with a bushing to fit your pipe. It's obviously not possible to move as much watew with a smaller pipe. Also, the flows will not match the ones listed on the flow chart
  • Designed to be removable. Provided it's installed in a way that allows for this. Review the installation detail.

What's provided

back view of fountain spout
  1. durable bronze casting
  2. threaded with 1½ in NPT
  3. two screw bosses with ¼-20 thread
  4. bonding lug for #8 AWG wire
  5. installation instructions
  6. PVC male adapter fitting
  7. hex wrench for bonding lug
  8. a lot of love

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