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Small Ramon bronze fountain spout

This is a bronze spout with an open top and a fairly long projection. It has a formidable presence and a fairly long water arc. The long water projection allows it to be used in a swimming pool where the spout sits above the coping. It has all the usual refinements: it's easy to install, it's available in a number of finishes and it's beautiful.

Quick facts

3 ⅞ in diameter back plate
6 in projection
silicon bronze
¾ in pipe size
Arc length
11–22 in
see the flow profile

Available finishes

Available in the standard bronze finishes with either a wax or epoxy coating. More about the finishes and coatings is on the bronze finishes page

Small Ramon fountain spout with traditional patina
Traditional patina with wax finish
Small Ramon fountain spout with light verdigris patina
Light verdigris patina and wax finish
Small Ramon fountain spout with heavy verdigris patina
Heavy verdigris patina with wax finish
Small Ramon fountain spout with Tuscan brown patina
Tuscan patina with wax finish
Small Ramon fountain spout with black patina
Black patina with wax finish
3 6
basic dimensions of the small Ramon spout
4 ¾ SODA CAN (12 oz ) 3 ⅞ 6
This should give you a sense of the size of the spout.


  • Part is made of silicon bronze
  • It is designed to be used with ¾ in plumbing. The casting is threaded with 1 in female NPT. A PVC bushing ( 1 in male NPT × ¾ in socket) is provided to screw into back of spout. If you have a piece of PVC pipe sticking out from the wall you could just glue the part in place.
  • A bonding lug for #8 AWG wire is provided at the back. A set screw at bottom of back plate secures the wire.
  • Decorative use only. More secure mounting options available but they are expensive and complicated to install—call to discuss.
  • The water arc is fairly stable and not overly susceptible to change if the spout is plumbed with a smaller pipe. Replace the provided male adapter with a bushing to fit your pipe. It's obviously not possible to move as much water with a smaller pipe. Also, the flows will not match the ones listed on the flow chart
  • Designed to be removable. Provided it's installed in a way that allows for this. Review the installation detail.

What's provided

back view of fountain spout
  1. durable bronze casting
  2. threaded with 1 in NPT
  3. two screw bosses with ¼-20 thread
  4. bonding lug for #8 AWG wire
  5. installation instructions
  6. PVC male adapter fitting
  7. hex wrench for bonding lug
  8. a lot of love

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