Big-Kepik spout

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Big-Kepik bronze fountain spout

This is a big spout with a big presence. If you need something that can handle large water volumes on a larger architectural fountain or pool bond beam then this spout is a good choice.

The basics

6 ¼ in × 6 ¼ in back plate
4 ⅝ in projection
silicon bronze
in pipe size
Arc length
8–18 in
see the flow profile

Available finishes

Available in the standard bronze finishes with either a wax or epoxy coating. More about the finishes and coatings is on the bronze finishes page

Big-Kepik fountain spout with traditional patina
Traditional patina with wax finish
Big-Kepik fountain spout with light verdigris patina
Light verdigris patina and wax finish
Big-Kepik fountain spout with heavy verdigris patina
Heavy verdigris patina with wax finish
Big-Kepik fountain spout with Tuscan brown patina
Tuscan patina with wax finish
Big-Kepik fountain spout with black patina
Black patina with wax finish

Not your average size

Big might be a good starting point. That does seem a bit anti-climactic. Perhaps great, or substantial might work. But not really what one would call enormous. Decidedly not colosal, massive or gigantic. By no measure cosmic. King-sized has a nice ring to it. Perhaps it's better to just call it "big".

This is Kepik's big brother. He's a good choice for a larger water feature or swimming pool bond beam. If you just need something that appears big and don't need to move lot's of water, consider using a smaller spout and creating a frame (of sorts) around the spout using the background tile or stone.

Big-Kepik bronze fountain spout used in a typical carved stone fountain
traditional patina and wax finish in a typical installation

Installation gotchas

The spout is big. You probably understand that by now. That means that the front opening is big. It's easy to look inside the opening and see the plumbing that's been used to connect the spout. If the spout is connected to normal white PVC pipe and the spout itself is a dark color, then there is an unwelcome contrast that draws the viewer's eye into the center of the spout instead of letting it wander around the fountain.

The solution is fairly simple. Use a dark colored pipe to plumb the part. Schedule 80 PVC pipe is normally a dark gray. ABS pipe is normally black. Both are good choices. If the plumbing has been installed and there is no way of changing it ( say, it's embedded inside of a wall) then a small metal baffle can be installed in front of the opening. If you require this, please call or email when placing your order.

front view of Big Kepik spout plumbed with white PVC
here it is plumbed with normal white PVC
front view of Big Kepik spout plumbed with gray PVC
here it is plumbed with normal gray PVC
front view of Big Kepik with baffle covering opening
here it is with a baffle over the front opening
6 ¼ 4 ¾
basic dimensions of the Big-Kepik spout
4 ¾ SODA CAN (12 oz ) 6 ¼ 4 ¾
Even professionals designers have a hard time getting a sense of how big an item is from dimensions. This should help


  • Part is made of silicon bronze
  • It is designed to be used with 1 ½ in plumbing. The casting is threaded with 1 ½ in NPT. A PVC male adapter is provided to screw into back of spout. If you have a piece of PVC pipe sticking out from the wall you could just glue the part in place.
  • A bonding lug for #8 AWG wire is provided at the back. A set screw at bottom of back plate secures the wire.
  • Decorative use only. More secure mounting options available but they are expensive and complicated to install—call to discuss.
  • Please plumb the spout with dark colored pipe - either a sch. 80 PVC or black ABS. The opening is rather large and it's possible to see inside the opening. A dark colored pipe makes this less obtrusive.
  • Designed to be removable. Provided it's installed in a way that allows for this. installation detail

What's provided

back view of fountain spout
  1. durable bronze casting
  2. three screw bosses with ¼-20 thread
  3. threaded with 1 ½ in NPT
  4. bonding lug
  5. installation instructions
  6. PVC fitting
  7. hex wrench for bonding lug
  8. a lot of love

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