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Karlo spout installation detail

This drawing is also available as an AutoCAD drawing file

Seal edge of spout with waterproof sealant Bronze mounting hardware as required by installation PVC bushing ( ¾ in socket x 1 in male NPT) supplied with spout Bronze spout 1 in PVC supply line Secure bonding wire using set screw accessible from bottom of spout Bonding lug accomodates #8 AWG wire

This drawing represents just one way of installing the spout. It shows the most typical way of installing a spout on a swimming pool bond beam where there is simply a pipe projecting out from a wall and no access beyond the face of the wall

If you have access to the back of the wall on which the spout is mounted, then you have more options. You can use the two threaded holes (¼-20) to mount the spout onto the wall. And since the back of the spout is threaded to accomodate 1 in. pipe thread, you can thread a pipe directly into the spout.

It's important to note that the spout is designed for decorative use. It's not designed to support the weight of a human or any other object. If you are concerned with kids (or even adults) hanging off the spout and puling it off the wall, then please consult a qualified engineer. They can recommend various methods to secure the spout to a surface.

Also of note is that the spout is designed to be removed if there is a problem. In order for this to work it must be installed in a way that facilates this. So, obviously, mounting the spout onto a wall by epoxying threaded rod screwed into the back plate will make removal impossible.